Featured Speakers

Title: Climate Change Impacts on U.S. Agricultural Productivity

Prof. Xin-Zhong Liang
University of Maryland, USA
Climate Change

Title: Impacts of climate change on large-scale weather driven energy system design decisions for the 21st Century

Smail Kozarcanin
Aarhus University, Denmark
Climate Change

Title: 3D modeling and prediction of coolwater fish habitat under changing climate

Shahram Missaghi
University of Minnesota, USA
Climate Change

Title: On supporting the coordination, coherence and communication between Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

Mário Pulquério
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Climate Change

Title: The role of uncertainty in our climate understandings

Peter Domonkos
Secretary of ESPERE, Spain
Risks of Climate Change

Title: Climate-change driven air pollution extremes

Yuhang Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology , united states
Climate Change

Title: Community micro hydropower generation: a sustainable model for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Alberto Sánchez
GEF Small Grants Programme , USA
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Sapling harvest: a predominant factor affecting future composition of tropical dry forests

Ravi Chaturvedi
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden , china
Climate Change & Natural Environment

Title: Sustainability in the balance: Supply and Demand Assessment in the Context of Food-Energy-Water Framework and Climate Change

Venkataramana Sridhar
Virginia Tech, USA
Climate Change

Title: Precursors of severe and sustained drought in the Central America Dry Corridor

Hugo Hidalgo
University of Costa Rica , USA
Climate change and Agriculture

Title: Finnish ninth graders’ views on climate change

Mikaela Hermans
Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Multi-Hazard Coastal Risk Assessment for Building Resilience- A Case Study

Bapon Fakhruddin
Tonkin and Taylor International, new zealand
Coastal & Disaster Management

Title: Large-scale modeling to evaluate stream health vulnerability to climate change

A. Pouyan Nejadhashemi
Michigan State University, USA
Climate Change & Natural Environment

Title: Livelihood diversification and climate shocks: Evidence from small-holders Zambia and Tanzania

Aslihan Arslan
IFAD( International Fund for Agricultural Development) , Italy
Climate change and Agriculture

Title: How the world changes when climate interacts with human behavior

Lei Wang
Peking University,  China
Global Warming Effects & Causes

Title: Could Cohesion Policy push EU climate efforts

Michal Nekvasil
People in Need, czech republic
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Convergent Agency: Encouraging Transdisciplinary Approaches for Effective Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

America Bendito
University de Los Andes, venezuela

Title: Climate Change And Drought Interactions

Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey
Climate Change and Drought

Title: Carbon dioxide bio-fixation by Chlorella sp. BTA 9031 towards biomass and lipid production: Optimization using Central Composite Design approach

ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India
Climate change and Agriculture

Title: Research on impacts and response of global change with specific landscape geographic units - a study in the Loess Plateau

Mingjian Wei
Capital Normal University, China
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Development of composite briquettes from Agricultural wastes

Michael Lubwama
Makerere University, Uganda
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Impact of coastline changes on the groundwater level of coastal wetland

Qiang Liu
Beijing Normal University, China
Climate Change

Climate change during Holocene in Northwestern Mexico based on geochemical, magnetic and palinological evidence

Carmen Isela Ortega Rosas
Universidad Estatal de Sonora, México
Climate Change & Natural Environment

Title: Effects of Global Climate Change on Building Energy Consumption and Its Implications in Florida

Aiyin Jiang
University of North Florida, USA
Climate Change

Title: Climate change and soil seal development: Insights into structural, physical and hydrological dynamics

Robert W. Simmons
Agrifood, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Climate change

Title: Deep Integration of Surface Water and Groundwater for Water Security Under Climate Change

Graham E. Fogg
University of California, Davis , USA
Land, Water & Fisheries

Title: Urban geochemistry – the importance and vulnerability of topsoil layer in urban areas: case study in the city of Sisak, Croatia

Ajka Šorša
Croatian Geological Survey, Croatia
Risks of Climate Change

Title: From Ediacaran to Devonian — The Great Early-Middle Palaeozoic Biodiversification

Alain R. M. Blieck
CNRS @ ULille, France
Geology & Geosciences

Title: Planning and designing green stormwater infrastructure to address climate change: Lessons learned from Philadelphia, USA

Mahbubur Meenar
Rowan University, USA
Climate Change

Title: Climate controls on long-term trends, interannual variability, and extreme anomalies in satellite-derived global land surface phenology from 1982 to 2016

Xiaoyang Zhang
South Dakota State University, USA
Climate Change

Title: Climate Change and Drought: Potential Health Impact of Wastewater Reuse as Management Strategy for Water Security in South Africa

Olalekan Fatoki
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Climate Change & Natural Environment

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